Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Taguma Got Me

If you're from Maui, you know who Taguma is. If not, consider yourself lucky.

Taguma is one of Maui's most ruthless police officers. He used to be a regular cop, but got shot and demoted to a traffic cop.

He's stuck driving a Cushman[similar to a golf cart, only smaller] due to him getting shot.

He patrols one of the busiest towns on Maui; Wailuku.

Everyone drives cautiously once they hit Wailuku, because of this guy.

You could be doing 22 in a 20 zone and he'll pull you over.

He's also well-known for pulling his own mother over. Lovely guy, eh?

If you've been caught by Taguma, Maui Built has stickers that say "Taguma Got Me".

They used to have t-shirts, but Taguma found out, went into Maui Built and threatened to sue them if they didn't pull it off the shelves.

They can no longer sell the Taguma products, but if you ask them for the sticker, they'll give it to you for free.


  1. You're entirely right about his diligence, but you need to check your facts before posting. His mother has never driven in her life and doesn't even live on the same island.

  2. just wondering, rumors are that he retiring soon.. is it true

  3. It also makes big seed pods with thousands of little heart shaped maui